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Are you considering an exit strategy?

Selling your company is a huge decision and one that takes a lot of consideration. There are many obstacles and factors to consider before marketing your business and the guide below will give you advice on a few of these factors.

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Arrange a free valuation

Arranging a valuation is the first step towards selling your company. One of our directors will give you an honest and realistic valuation.

Decide your exit level

Are you looking for a full share sale of your company or do you wish to retain a percentage? It is important for you to have a clear and defined goal for your exit strategy.

Decide your timescale

It can take a couple of years to sell some businesses and, therefore, it is important to give yourself enough time to find the right buyer. If you are not in a significant rush to sell your company, this will give you greater power when negotiating a sale.

Prepare your documentation

A potential buyer will want to see copies of all your financial documentation before submitting an offer on your company. It is also important to have all other relevant documentation, such as lease agreements and ongoing contracts, in order.

Organise your management structure

It is vital for a potential buyer to see that your company can operate without you and, therefore, it is key to structure your management to make this possible.

These are just a few things that you would need to consider before marketing your company. One of our Executive Directors would be happy to discuss these with you during a free consultation and valuation.

Value My Company

What Happens Next?

1. Arrange

Arrange a free, confidential valuation and consultation with one of our Directors.

2. Instruct

Appoint Swan Corporate to represent your company.

3. Information

We will create a high quality IM of your business using our team of creative writers.

4. Research

We will conduct significant research on your marketplace and potential acquisitive suitors.

5. Marketing

We will then launch several (discreet) marketing campaigns to further identify potential buyers.

6. Approach

We will then discreetly approach potential buyers regarding a bolt on acquisition.

7. Meetings

Swan Corporate will then arrange meetings with (financially qualified) interested parties.

8. Offers

We will then gather all indicative offers from interested parties.

9. Negotiate

We will negotiate on your behalf and find the best deal for all shareholders, in terms of price and structure.

10. Sale

We will prepare all legal documentation and manage the sale to completion.

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